Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Citroën ID 19B (1967)

  DH-16-26 (owned from 06-03-1993 until 03-03-1994)

The harsh ride of the Mini Cooper made me looking for something more comfortable and I thought I should try a Citroën ID (not the less simple DS!). I found a completely restored '67 ID19B that was not cheap, but didn't have any shortcomings either, so the decision was made. One of the first things that I had replaced was the awkwardly servo assisted steering by a non servo system. Now I had a very comfortable car, but was I really satisfied with it? The answer: no, I wasn't. My heart lies with cars of the forties and early fifties and this car was just too modern for me. I should have realised that earlier, I hear you say. How right you are... So I considered myself very lucky when I found someone that was willing to exchange his 1948 Riley RMA for my Citroën.

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