Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Ford Scorpio 2.9 Ghia V6 (1992)

  GP-RR-44 (owned from 19-04-2011 until 26-04-2013)
The power and comfort of the Scorpio V6 was something that I missed with the Sierra. So I planned to replace the Sierra by another Scorpio. But by 2010, finding a Scorpio MkI in a reasonable state with less than 200.000 km on the clock was everything but easy. In April 2011 however I succeeded in finding a nice 2.9 V6 Ghia that had only done 169.000 km . Even the rear wheel arches didn't show any rust, which is most peculiar for an almost 20 year old Scorpio. Of course there was again the frustration of the modern appearance, but that is compensated a bit by the superb driving character. And after all, this car was also mainly meant for winter transportation. The high cost of road tax and insurance forced me to offer the Scorpio for sale when I took an early retirement in 2012 and didn't really need a car everyday anymore.
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