Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Ford Sierra 2.0i Ghia RS (1988)

  TT-94-ZZ (owned from 23-12-2009 until 04-02-2012)
When it became obvious that the Scorpio wouldn't pass the APK (Dutch MOT) once again without major investments, I bought this Ford Sierra 2.0i automatic as a replacement. A so called RS-model, with some special details. You won't believe it, but I made a beginner's mistake and didn't inspect the underside of the car thoroughly enough. A lot of corrosion was found where the left inner sill meets the floor, so a major welding job was necessary. The alternative was bringing this car to the breaker's yard as well... Then a friend was willing to do the welding and so this car was saved. Of course I had to add some chrome details again. But had it been really necessary in the first place to buy another ugly modern car? I thought it was, but there was a doubt, because the Volvo 131 had proved to be a pleasant and reliable everyday car... The Sierra was used during the winter of 2010/2011 but the lack of power and the worn engine made me decide to get rid of it. It took almost a year before the car was sold.
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