Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Hyundai Coupé 2.7 V6 (2002)

  06-LB-PX (owned from 29-03-2014)

This Hyundai Coupe model (also called Tiburon or Tuscani in non European countries) was built from 2002 to 2008 (GK type). A car of the 21st century is not to be expected on this website, but although not a classic car yet, it has enough charisma to become one in the future. It is said the lines were inspired bij the Ferrari 456. This particular 2002 red Coupe 2.7 V6 automatic had done only 133.000 km, was advertised in 2013 for some time but not sold. I kept the details and asked the seller in 2014 if he would be interested in my Volvo PV544. To my surprise he was and eventually we agreed to exchange the cars.

The absence of nostalgica is compensated by the impressive driving character of the car and the power of the V6 engine. You can't compare this car with a Volvo PV obviously, but the differences are spectacular to say the least. And of course the fourspeed automatic transmission is a blessing. The ride however is somewhat harsh on bad pavements with those 45 series tires on 17" wheels and the seats are not quite suited for tall drivers like me, but these are only minor disadvantages. Mounting the driver's seat at an angel by means of a piece of wood made it much more comfortable. Because it is a modern car, I have to pay road tax again and also the insurance is considerably more expensive than what the PV cost me, but there just aren't any affordable classic cars that can offer a similar driving sensation.
In May 2015 the bearings started to become noisy, soon to such an extent that I didn't dare to drive the car anymore. A replacement V6 engine was bought from a scrapped 2004 Coupe and installed by the local garage. Apart from a very slight ticking of the hydraulic lifters, this engine seemed to be o.k but it had been running on LPG and it was obvious that it had done a great deal more than the 140.000 km of my original engine. But I could drive the car again! As I don't like the large rear window, I wondered what could be done about that. The answer came in 2020, when I discovered a Polish company on facebook that could make a louver for this type of Hyundai. At last an improvement of the rear exterior could be established. 

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