Classic Cars that are (were) used

  Innocenti Mini Cooper (1975)

   25-BR-17 (owned from 22-08-91 until 28-04-1993)
Both the Skoda 1101 and the Citroen 11BL were slow cars, which caused a desire for something faster. This resulted in buying an Innocenti Cooper 1300 which appeared to be in a less healthy state than expected. I really should have better inspected this car as the subframe was one of the first things that had to be replaced... On the motorway the 165/70/10 tyres proved to be quite dangerous in wet conditions so I bought a set of 12" Minilite-style wheels which made things somewhat better. Improved seats were installed as well, but comfortable transport is something you will never achieve with a Mini and this eventually made me decide to offer it for sale. It took several months before I succeeded in selling the car to a young man from Belgium.
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