Classic Cars that are (were) used

 MG MGB (1963)

  MN-49-51  (owned from 05-04-1977 until 01-11-1985) 

It didn’t take long before my interest in older cars began to grow. After attending a large MG-meeting at the Zandvoort circuit in 1975, I fell in love with the MG T-types, but unfortunately they were too expensive for me at the time. In 1976 I had a look at a couple of MGA’s that were offered for sale. They were not that expensive but I didn’t dare to take the risk. To raise some money I got that stupid idea of buying a cheap and early MGB, which (I thought) could easily be sold with a susbstantial profit after some work.

The car I chose proved to be a disaster and I asked myself what to do with it. The decision was made to restore it completely to original specs. Perhaps not very wise because at the time new MGB's were still assembled in Abingdon. But in my view a 1977 MGB was something quite different than a 1963 MGB...
Very many new parts were bought and a cousin did the welding, part of which had to be redone some years later by a professional. By the end of 1980 the car was back on the road again and I used it next to the other MG.

In 1983 my girlfriend and I bought a house and we decided to sell the '63 MGB (after all one MGB was enough...).

                                                                             Scotland, 1983: holidays on crossplies...
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