Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Morris Minor series II (1954)

  DH-66-50 (owned from 29-07-1993 until 26-10-2019)

Not long after the Minor MM was bought, I found this series II Minor what I was really looking for, a car in good used condition, that would be the subject of a lot of modifications as intended. Assembled in 1954 in Holland by the Molenaar company for the Belgian market. In 1986 the car had been imported back to Holland. Nice surprise was that it already had a little bit faster engine (948 cc instead of 803 cc) and a rear axle with a more suitable final drive (4,22;1).
So there was no pressing need to start immediately with the modifications as a cruising speed of 110 km/u was no problem. But after a while of course I gradually began converting the car. By the end of 1997 I was satisfied with the results. The modifications included a reconditioned 1275A+ series Morris Ital engine, Ford Sierra fivespeed gearbox, Morris Marina disc brakes w. booster, Triumph Dolomite rear axle, 155-14 tyres on original wheels (1" widened), front anti-roll bar (later removed), negative camber kit, telescopic shocks, lowered suspension (adjustable at the front), uprated front springs, poly bushes all around, Citroen Visa seats. Power output 80 BHP (dyno tested).
This series II was used as a daily driver in winter for ten years, also regularly in other seasons and never let me down. Of course this meant that now and then some welding had to be done. To be able to keep up with modern traffic was (and is) a sheer joy and the fivespeed gearbox meant easy cruising on the motorway. The harsh suspension however became a bit tiresome eventually and also I began to prefer an automatic gearbox, which were the reasons this car got a more quiet life from about 2003 on. The tiime to say goodbye came in 2019, when extensive bodywork and welding became evident and necessary. The Morris went to a friendly mechanic, who is also able to do the welding himself.

I wrote an article about the modifications for Minor Monthly magazine, scroll down to read the scan. A similar story was published in the Dutch magazine "Klassiek & Techniek" no.8 of November 1998.

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