Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Morris Minor series MM (1950)

  VP-34-39 (owned from 19-05-1993 until 05-01-1996)
 In the early nineties I read an article about an extensively modified Morris Minor. It appeared that a lot of parts were readily available to achieve this. In fact this was the formula I was looking for, the looks of a real classic car but with updated performance. My favorite type of Morris Minor definitely was not the 1000, but the series II. Hard to find in Holland, so I placed an advertisement. Only one person responded and he said he had a concours series MM for sale. I told him that was not what I wanted, but he persuaded me to come over and have a look. I shouldn't have done that... When I saw this outstanding car in absolute concours condition and had a test drive, I got weak knees. I was blinded, paid far too much money, and took the MM home with me. Only to regret it a few months later because it just was a ridiculous slow car. Why on earth did I have to buy it? Selling it was very difficullt. It took years before it went... to a museum.

I wrote an article about the peculiar history of this car for Minor Monthly magazine; scroll down for a scan. 
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