Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Riley RMB (1948)

  VG-07-08 (owned from 13-06-1992 until 17-01-1993)
 Now that the Skoda and the Traction were sold, I went looking for a suitable replacement, preferably a more powerful car of similar age. Not much choice, but A Riley RMB 2.5 seemed to have the right specifications. But how to find a LHD one that was not too expensive...? To start with I became a member of the Riley Club Holland of course and soon I discovered an abandoned restoration project: a 1948 RMB of which all the wood had been professionally renewed already. The car was complete but in parts, so it had to be resurrected and painted. The seller said the engine had been reconditioned, but I had my doubts. Yet I bought this bunch of parts, which soon appeared to be an overestimation of my capabilities. After six months I considered myself very lucky that I had found someone that was willing to buy this car from me for the same amount that I had payed for it!
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