Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Saab 99 LCA4 (1973)

  98-91-XR (owned from 05-03-2003 until 05-04-2006)
During the work on the Volvo PV444, I was misinformed bij a local garage about the possibility of installing the AW71 and I made the mistake to believe what they told me. As I desperately wanted a classic car with an automatic gearbox, this Saab 99 automatic was bought. Not my favourite classic (more of a modern car than a classic car as a matter of fact...), but not too ugly and a with a nice, stable ride. Also it could drive on both fuel and LPG.
The awful rubber bumpers were replaced by stainless steel ones from an earler 99, as was the grille. The ZS carb was replaced by a new SU HIF44. When the dreaded waterpump went dead, I installed an electric water pump. After a few years it became clear that the engine as well as the gearbox were in need of an overhaul, which would be a expensive adventure again. The power output of 95 BHP (factory spec) was down to 85 BHP on a dyno run, so something had to be done. But I didn't want to invest a further lot of money into this Saab, so I tried to sell it and bought a real modern car instead for the first time in my life, a 1993 Ford Scorpio 2.9 V6 hatchback. 
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