Classic Cars that are (were) used

 Škoda 1101 (1949)

  UT-08-65 (owned from 01-12-1985 until 15-12-1991)

Also in 1985 I happened to be able to acquire a Skoda 1101 sedan, a very rare car, but for me also a very nostalgic car, as it was one of the most popular cars in the early fifties in Holland. The main reason for that being its cheapness and its availibility at a time when there used to be a waiting list for many new cars. I just love the lines of the Skoda 1101/1102, its small windows and the distinct smell of the all wool interior. It also was a reputedly reliable car that had a good name (this was before the rear engined Skoda’s saw the light...).

This particular Skoda only required some mechanical work before it was ready for the road, after which I used it frequently (next to the MGB). A Skoda 1101/1102 has some unusual features: the fuel tank is mounted against the bulkhead under the bonnet, the fuel running to the carburettor by gravity through a tap (with a sliding cork in it) under the dash. You'd better close that tap when the engine is turned off... On the floor in front of the driver's seat there are six pedals... The three extra are for activating the starter, the main beam and the central chassis lube system (not unlike Morgan). The rear axle is of the swing axle type without shock absorbers...
The incredible sensitivity for cross winds of this car was a large drawback for me. Even non original radial tyres didn’t change that much. Also the lack of performance (maximum speed was merely 100 kmh) was an annoying aspect, especially on the motorway, and eventually an important consideration to sell this Skoda. Yet of all the cars I have had, this Skoda is the only one I regret having sold, especially because of the nostalgica that this car represents for me. The new owner restored the car completely, but when he died, his widow sold the car and unfortunately it went to Germany. Then I regretted even more having sold this car, so unique now and so common once.

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